In today’s society, technology has been more and more present our in our daily life, from home to work. More than ever, logistics and supply chain industries has been impacted by all these new changes. To keep pace with it, it’s important to keep an eye on the trends.

1 – Real-time technology growing in the industry

The dynamism of globalisation makes the logistics chain more and more complex to manage. It is more important than ever to have total control of your logistics chain, which requires advanced IT solutions. The transport and logistics industry is developing and proposing solutions that give you more traceability, visibility and transparency of your orders. This real-time view of your stock makes it easier to operate your supply chain. Evaluating your stocks is a piece of cake, and your data will be more and more easy to read and analyse.

2 – Better tracking for your shipments

More consumers buys online. Many companies have now to adapt to a new type of logistics: orders less and in smaller quantities, more regular and have to travel farther away. Tracking is therefore essential for you but also for the consumer. The biggest companies already have alert systems in order to inform their customers about the status of their order.

The shipping industry is on the cusp of developing more and more precise tools to track your orders with sensors installed on the containers to give you the precise status of your shipment. When you have opted for a door-to-door solution you can easily check where is your shipment and this ensure your supply chain will be in order. If you want to discover more about MacAndrews and our door-to-door expertise, click here.

3 – Focus on sustainability and green transport

More and more companies today are paying attention to their CO2 consumption in order to preserve the planet. There are different solutions that allow you to pollute less and receiving your orders on time: the multimodal solution. This solution will adapt your transport by train rail or shipping to deliver your shipment to the final destination on time thanks to daily services and guaranteed schedules.

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4 – Major acquisitions and investments in the logistics industry

Lately, we have seen many acquisitions and alliances in the logistics and transport industries. Even though 2016 was a hard year, the major players have tried to work together in order to face the difficulties of the market. Also, major shipping companies are investing more and more in larger vessels in order to reduce their operational costs. The risk is to lead towards an overcapacity to some destinations, which will keep freight rates low.

5 – New geography for logistics

For several years, imports and exports to Asia were very important. This tendency is being checked less and less. Orders today will be increasingly fragmented, volatile and difficult to predict. However, there is a trend with an increase in imports and exports even within Europe.

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