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MacAndrews offers door to door transport solutions by sea, rail, road and barge to all most European destinations linking the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) to the United Kingdom and Ireland, as well as France, Holland, Scandinavia, Poland, The Baltics and Russia.

MacAndrews offers its customers services that combine land, rail and sea transport, specialising in multimodal European transport and shipping 45’ High Cube Pallet Wide containers (ambient and temperature controlled) on short sea routes ensuring no cargo intake loss, making our service a true road transport alternative.

Unique Advantages

  • Steeped in history, our main advantage is our customer service
  • Ever extending Pan-European service network
  • Environmentally-friendly alternative to road transport
  • Reliable, cost-effective and sustainable multimodal transport solutions
  • Range of modern equipment
  • Regional offices with committed customer service teams

As a niche operator focusing on perishable goods, MacAndrews provides a high added-value service to its customers, offering tailored logistics solutions to their particular transport requirements. The combination of transport modes – shortsea, road, rail and barge services allows MacAndrews to deliver sustainable, reliable and more cost effective transport solutions. We service various sectors including but not limited to Automotive, Beer, Wines & Spirits, Chemicals, FMCG, Forest Products, Manufacturing, Metal, Minerals, Paper, Perishables and Frozen goods.

MacAndrews as part of the CMA CGM Group owns one of the largest and youngest fleets of Reefer and Ambient containers.

All of our containers meet ISO standards 1496 and 6346 as well as C.S.C. criteria (Convention for Safe Containers). Our equipment range in size from 20ft, 40ft, 45ft pallet-wide high cube units, including reefers, and flat racks. The combination of high frequency sailings, a niche geographical spread and 33-pallet capacity containers offers a competitive and environmentally-friendly alternative to road transport. With over 280 staff across Europe and Russia we are committed to provide knowledgeable, bespoke and proactive customer service across the various levels of our clients and partners.

 As from January 1st, 2018, MacAndrews will merge with OPDR.
Backed by a reinforced organisation, a unique and expanded service offering, the CMA CGM Group accelerates its development and strengthens its offer. As from January 1st, 2018, the Intra-European short sea and inland activities of its subsidiaries will be grouped into one brand: MacAndrews. The OPDR brand will become MacAndrews.
The new MacAndrews will therefore bring an unrivalled expertise and strengthen its position as a European leader in multimodal logistics solutions.


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