Automotive, Electronics, Machinery and other manufacturers


The automotive industry’s complex supply systems pose a particular challenge and require delivery of components from numerous companies in different countries must be carefully coordinated to ensure a smooth manufacturing and assembly process.

We can provide transportation and logistics services that enable you to optimize your supply chains, meet tighter production schedules, and operate on the basis of lean production principles.

Electronics, Machinery and other manufacturers

We offer supply chain optimisation and execution solutions to a wide range of companies of all types and sizes from small local businesses to major household names in the global arena in the electronics, machinery and other manufactures industries.

These include subsectors such as :

  • Plastics and Plastic Products
  • Paper and Fiber
  • Energy and Power
  • Mining & Construction
  • General Industrial Goods
  • Rail vehicles and Transportation
  • Medical Equipment
  • Paper and fiber
  • Fire and Building Security