In our core markets in Europe we offer:


We have a comprehensive range of storage and handling facilities, ranging from conventional ambient wide aisle platforms to highly automated warehouses with cold chambers working at -25C. What’s more, our handling systems are able to process continuous high volume flows, ranging from bulk pallet loads of single products down to individual items. And because we also understand the retail market, we can manage multiple outbound pallet configurations for the varying specifications of different retailers.

We also offer co-packing to maximise usage of space in containers helping you increase your container and vehicle utilisation, as a result increase stock velocity and better support of promotional activities.

Sustainability – a business fundamental
Our operating processes are already focused on efficiency, which in turn delivers immediate environmental benefits. For example, pooling volumes can measurably deliver substantial reductions in fuel consumption and a company’s carbon footprint. A swap from 100% road transportation to multimodal using our model (road, rail, shortsea and barge) can reduce up to 65% of CO2 emissions per unit moved. Find out your CO2 emissions here eco.MacAndrews.com

CMA CGM Group also have its own well-developed environmental policy and sustainability strategies. We have adopted many environmentally sensitive approaches to business, such as building design, energy recovery, waste avoidance and other techniques. For more information on our Corporate Social Responsibility you can view this here: https://www.cma-cgm.com/the-group/corporate-social-responsibility/environment


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