Multimodal Network

MacAndrews has designed and deployed a niche network with rail, road or barges’ 1st class vendors to offer you a multi-modal solution up to the very last miles. Our door-to-door services integrate collection, shipment and delivery into a seamless transport solution. Dedicated staff ensure that the cargo is delivered while the customer has a single contact for the entire transport chain

We are your Local Expert. Our teams are available to provide you with the intermodal solutions best suited to meet your specific requirements; including the organised pick-up and delivery of cargo, minimised delays, and optimised safety and security of transport conditions.

MacAndrews – Your One Stop Shop Solutions Provider from booking to delivery.

  • Optimise your supply chain with cost-saving door-to-door opportunities
  • Attractive specific Detention & Demurrage
  • Accurate monitoring for timely deliveries

The Through Bill of Lading Service

Using a single document, the Combined Transport Bill of Lading (CTBL/BLD), MacAndrews takes full responsibility for the safe shipment of cargo whether it has to move by road, rail, or waterway, no matter how many different stages the cargo must go through before reaching its final destination. MacAndrews will arrange all your shipping, trucking, and transit formalities giving you the confidence to entrust your cargo to a single experienced organisation. By controlling every link in the transport chain and tracking every consignment, MacAndrews ensures that its customers’ cargo is delivered safely and securely.

Reduce Gas Emissions

The MacAndrews multimodal network is built to take full advantage of the organisations scale to reduce carbon emissions. The volumes of cargo we handle enables us to combine volumes to maximise the use of block trains and barges to ensure the smallest carbon footprint available for your cargo and to reduce port congestion. On average, a customer can save up to 65% of their CO2 on one journey when compared to 100% truck transportation. Curious to know how much CO2 you could save? Try our Eco Calculator Tool.