About VGM

Effective from July 1st, 2016 the amended SOLAS legislation will come into force. As your transport solutions provider, we understand time and ease of use is of pivotal importance to your supply chain. This is why Containerships are introducing a value-added service of being your VGM representative have developed solutions together with our local partners to enable us to offer this VGM service for you as standard.

VGM Policy & List of Charges

In the case where the shipper produced VGM proves incorrect or has not been provided with the container on arrival at the export port, the cost per container as per the list above will be debited to the freight payer for the production of a VGM by Containerships.

For any commercial queries please contact your local representative


In most cases, Containerships will weigh every single box before it is loaded on our vessel. This is to ensure your peace of mind that you are complying with this legislation as a shipper.
Containerships can become your representative in order to comply with this regulation amendment. Containerships is in the process of updating its standard bill of lading terms and conditions, in order to avoid further paperwork for you. We will publish our new terms well in advance of 1st July.

What if I want to weigh my own boxes and supply my own VGM?
This is entirely your right to do so, however, you need to keep in mind that Containerships will publish cut off times and dates for receipt of your declaration. If your ‘VGM’ is received after this cut off your container will not be shipped. In addition, interpretation of the rules may vary between each signatory state, any cost incurred by Containerships as a result of non-compliance will be for the shipper’s account.

How do I send my VGM to MacAndrews?
We will be testing in the next few weeks, but we intend to have your VGMs sent to us via EDI or emails and this will be uploaded on our system in line with the booking and Bill of Lading process.

How do I get the Tare Weight?
If you want to apply Method 2 and are using a Containerships container, then Containerships will provide you with the Tare Weight of such container. The Tare Weight can also be found on the CSC plate mounted on the container. Another solution for receiving the Tare Weight is the Containerships stare Weight tool which you can find online under http://apps.MacAndrews.com/TareWeightQueries/

Will anything else change?
Yes, Containerships will have to be more stringent with cut off times to ensure the loaded containers get to the terminal earlier. The Verified Gross Mass (VGM) of the container needs to be provided to the ship’s master or his representative and to the terminal or its representative sufficiently in advance for the vessel loading plan. For shipper produced VGM, the cut off time will be 24 hours before the vessel’s working day. Please view the latest VGM Policy below.

VGM Tare Weight Web Service
Note: Only information for equipment provided by Containerships is available. Information for equipment owned/provided by other lines or owners is not available from the MacAndrews Web-Service.

Step 1: Open Tare Weight Web-Service in your Browser

Please open the Containerships Tare-Weight query screen in the web-browser of your choice by using the following link:  http://apps.MacAndrews.com/TareWeightQueries/

Step 2: Enter Container ID in the input form

Please enter the container ID/number in the input form. The Container number should consist of four letters (Owner Code), a six-digit registration number and a check digit. The system will recognise the owner code, irrespectively if it is entered in capital letters or lower cases and also if you leave out the hyphen between the registration number and the check digit to better support copy and paste.

Step 3: Get your data

After entering the container number, please press the “SEARCH” button. The system will show you the data set for the respective container as shown on the right side.

In very few cases it might happen, that the information displayed is incorrect or the tare weight shown in the system does not match the tare weight shown on the CSC plate on the container. This does not necessarily mean that the tare weight shown in the Web-Service is incorrect as the weight on the CSC plate is the weight considered by the manufacturing company and might change during the lifetime of a container e.g. due to repairs, enhancements etc.

In case you have doubts about the tare weight shown in the Web-Service, please contact your local Containerships representative.

 The proposed service (VGM representative) is subject to terms and conditions. In any case, failure to comply with the SOLAS regulations will likely result in extra costs incurred for the shipper’s account. All information provided herein is subject to change with or without further notice. All business is undertaken subject to the Containerships bill of lading terms and conditions, valid at the time of booking which may change from time to time.