How to submit a VGM Form


VGM declarations can be submitted by E-Mail. If submitted by E-Mail, such submission has to be considered as „electronic“ submission and to fulfil the formal requirements (e.g. name of the Authorised person in CAPITAL letters).

To submit your VGM Declaration by E-Mail to your local Containerships office and agency and which your local contact will announce to you. By clearly marking your email with your booking reference can help to ensure that the data you are submitting is processed without delay.

There is an increased risk of errors as data has to be re-typed manually and when any of the formal requirements are not met, then the VGM Declaration is not valid and in a worst case, the Container has to be left behind.

You can download your VGM Form here.

Written Declaration

You can submit your VGM Declaration by written declaration. A sample for such written declaration is attached to this handout and available for download in various languages here.

To limit the risk of unclear handwriting and typing errors, we recommend that you open the form on your computer and complete it on your screen before printing and signing it.

After printing and signing the written declaration, you can send a scanned copy to Containerships by E-Mail or by regular mail. In case the form was not completed on your computer, please make sure that the details (e.g. container number, booking number, VGM) are readable.