Please see below a guide for the maximum payloads per container based on the country of origin/loading.

 metric tonnesmetric tonnesmetric tonnes 
Canary Islands2623,522,5 
Estonia252525For heavy containers with cargo GW 25T – 28T please add 10% on top of basic haulage rate
Finland 2622,521,5Maximum gross weight 28 MT including tare.
All container size/types.  Overweight additional + 5 %, minimum  EUR 10
Germany 2422 21  In the vicinity of the terminal of 150km payloads are 20‘ 28ts / 40‘ 26ts / 45‘ 25ts
Ireland242424Any additional weight to be pre-advised for approval
Latvia23232326MT available subject to an additional fee
Lithuania23.523.523.523.5ts GW (workable provided NO overweight on truck axes). 26-27 MT available subject re-confirm & additional fee
Netherlands28,2323250T gross vehicle weight, 8T avg. tractor unit weight,  5T avg. trailer weight, 3T avg. 20”, 5T avg. 40”, 5T avg. 45”
Poland202221,524MT available subject to an additional fee
Portugal242424Only valid for dry containers; Higher payloads by request subject to add costs
Russia202020Check # 1 – Gross vehicle weight
5 axle trucks – 40 mt
6 axle trucks – 44 mt
Check # 2 – Weight per axle
Axle 1 – 9 mt
Axle 2 – 10 mt
Axle 3-5 – 7.5 mt
Calculations show that cargo weight should not exceed 20 mt
Spain26252442 tonnes maximum weight for the whole vehicle.  44 tonnes for 3-axis vehicles.
UK27,52625,530,200k max weight inc container tare