The current COVID-19 Outbreak spread is affecting the whole supply chain worldwide, raising potential major challenges.
Containerships’ priority is to ensure the health and safety of our staff members and partners, while ensuring a smooth business continuity despite the current extraordinary disruptions. We remain determined to ensure the delivery of a seamless customer experience, as much as the current conditions allows it.
On this page, you will find all the necessary information and our dedicated team of experts remains at your disposal to provide you with tailor-made solutions.

Business Continuity Plan Activated

In line with local directives from the Local Government and to protect the health of our staff and partners, we have activated our Business Continuity Plans in all countries with our office present.
Our staff members are now working remotely where required.
Almost all staff members based in our headquarters in Hamburg (Germany), Helsinki (Finland) and London (the UK) and majority of our other offices are performing their work remotely. They have access to the necessary tools, documents and software to continue supporting your business.
All our teams are working and completely operational on all tasks.
Business meetings in person outside the office are replaced by videoconferences ensuring maximum protection of all parties involved including our customers, suppliers and partners.
Our team is available by email and on their usual office numbers / mobile phones.

Monitor the Situation of Our Offices

The vast majority of our offices are performing their work remotely from home. In some offices including Morocco, Netherlands, Russia (St. Petersburg & Moscow), Bilbao and UK Teeport small number of employees are still working from the office.

Stay informed of operational issues

All our services are operational.
Terminals are in activity in all ports called by Containerships. Container deliveries are taking place in Europe, where trucking companies are not affected by the containment policies in place.
As the impacts of the Coronavirus have been severe in Northern Italy our intermodal services are partially affected to and from Italy. For more details please contact you Containerships counterpart.