Are you looking for an expert in door to door transport to and from various countries Europe? There are many carriers out there, but it is not so easy to find a real expert. Cost will always play an important part, but there are also other factors that are equally important for the majority of goods owners. This post will provide 5 tips on how to find an expert.

1 – Knowledge and experience of the transport and logistics market is key

Knowing the needs of the markets well, and how they differ depending on the country is of utmost importance. Truly understanding the specific situation in a country to be able to provide a customer with the best transport solution is key.
In England, for example, there is not only a growing interest but also a future necessity to focus more on sustainable transport solutions. Today, many European countries are struggling with heavy traffic and its negative impact on the environment, especially in the larger cities. Not having the right equipment means that you are not allowed to enter certain areas of a city, leaving you with no choice but losing your competitiveness against other transport solution providers.

2 – Focusing on the environment and sustainability

This environmental focus when operating in the transport and logistics industry can be a tad of a cliché . You may have heard that sustainable transportation equals less efficient transportation. This is a common misconception, and not true at all. On the contrary, sustainable transportation is about managing the flow of goods in a smarter way to find sustainable solutions that drive efficiency. Naturally, this requires knowledge, planning and the right equipment.
When you are looking for an expert in European transport service you should look for one that operates with a fleet of eco-friendly trucks that have engines based on EU standards for decreased emissions.  Other options like volume splitting for loads that aren’t dependent on a super quick transit could be moved via shortsea or multimodal solutions. These solutions offer a seamless service door to door whilst removing the longest transit which would normally go by road to other modes like rail and shortsea; thus reducing the carbon footprint. 

3 – Outsourcing storage and distribution for a more efficient logistics flowThe advantages of using a provider that operates their own storage and distribution centres, is that they can take care of your warehousing and order processing, making sure your goods are restocked as soon as they sell, and even carry out sales orders directly from their distribution centres.  Read More

 A unique solution was developed by specialists from MacAndrews and a large global FMCG company. MacAndrews implemented a concept based on a new location of their warehouse, enabling the company to optimise its distribution chain of the ambient flows. A 10,000 sq m warehouse was built by MacAndrews 150km north of San Adrian, in Port Land, Bilbao.  It has a racking design of UK and Euro bulk stack and took just under nine weeks to complete .MacAndrews also elaborated a concept to monitor and ensure the just-in-time delivery of cargo whilst maximising space and payload of containers. This was facilitated by offering a unique pick and pack service of cargo with a mix of heavy and light loads to ensure efficient load building. 90% of the FMCG’s foods on the French/ Spanish to UK market lane are now carried as sea freight from Bilbao to Liverpool. They’re transported to their final destinations by road. All containers are fully loaded to maximise the space used. Pallets are then reduced in size once in the UK to meet customer specifications. In total some 2,150,000 road miles will be saved in the transport of products. The order lead time, newly reduced by one week, meant increased agility, better customer service and improved reliability. Changes in quality meant a reduction of inbound damages.

4 – Daily departures and the possibility to choose from FTL or LTL  As well as the needs of the markets differ depending on the country, no customer is the same, and every company has its own needs and challenges. Sometimes you might have larger volumes of goods and need a Full Truck Load (FTL) service. Other times you have smaller volumes of goods and a Less than Truck Load (LTL) service is more suitable. For direct and large shipments. Also, the more departures the transport provider can offer,  the greater the flexibility of getting your goods shipped off whenever you prefer. Make sure your service provider is able to provide you with transport solutions that best suit your company’s specific needs. Simply look for a provider that offers a wide range of logistics services, and, preferably, with daily departures. 

5 – Seamless control for all aspects of your supply chain logistics

As you probably already know, on-time deliveries and short lead times will never go out of trend, or become less important, in terms of shipping. There is also the digital trend and the use of smart technology that will only grow stronger in the years to come. More goods owners are looking to simplify their administrative procedures to save valuable time and money. Today, cargo tracking and EDI communication are vital tools for the majority of goods owners. When looking for an expert in transport service to and from Europe, keep an eye out for a provider who can manage this whole process from pick up to final delivery point. This means that they have full control over the entire goods flow to make sure your goods are transported within the given time-frame and delivered on time.

The leader and expert in multimodal transport solutions in Europe. At MacAndrews, we have been providing transport solutions in Europe for decades. Since 1770 to be precise. Our transport solutions are built on vast experience, extensive knowledge and close collaboration with our customers. We are very proud to offer the most environmentally friendly transport solutions on the market today. We offer daily departures to and from the UK and Spain, multiple day of the week departures from Ireland, Portugal, Poland, The Baltics, Russia, Netherlands, Sweden and Norway. We provide our customers with a wide range of services including our Eco-Calculator Tool, Tare Weight Query App to ensure your VGM is in check and a tracking tool to give you a piece of mind that your cargo is always traceable.Try us today.