8th May 2013
Murcia, Spain

Wednesday 8th May 2013 marked the formal inauguration of MacAndrews’ Reefer Block Trains operations in Murcia, Spain. Another historic moment for modal shift, as more and more road based cargo find its way to more economically and environmentally viable options. This Reefer Block Train system is novel and has been patented.

The railway from Murcia to Bilbao will compliment shipping from Santurce in refrigerated containers (reefer). This formula allows the reefers loaded directly from the shipper without further man-handling or cross-docking (repacking) and moved directly to the port of loading.

This pioneering project is a result of a joint venture between MacAndrews, Transport Fuentes and Continental Rail. The new operational phase begins with two trains a week with plans for this service to become a daily connection. The project will complement future Logistics Activities Zone (ZAL) that entrepreneurs are claiming to Murcia.

From this very terminal, a block train of 30 reefer boxes dragged on electrified cars with powerful generators powered autonomously ensuring the maintenance of the cold chain in all the devices connected to as well as monitoring them.

Julio Menor, Managing Director MacAndrews Spain SA, commented; “This exciting project, which we highly welcome, is fully in line with MacAndrews development strategy of modal shift conversion. This further reinforces and complements our well established routes in the  intermodal markets offering value added services and further cost and transit time savings to our customers”