Flat Rack Containers

Flat Rack Containers

Compared to fixed-end type, collapsible flatracks have end walls that fold. The flushfolding collapsible flatrack, the most sophisticated of its types has end walls which fold flush with the base. Flatracks are dedicated for the carriage of heavy, bulky as well as over height and/ or over width items.

They also permit the stacking of several empty containers into one ‘bundle’ for empty repositionning. Their base is often designed to transport heavy material. Some flats are 45T tested. The flat racks with collapsible ends also permit the transportation of over length cargo.

Internal Dimensions

20’PC (20’ x 8 x 8’6’’)40’PC (40’ x 8 x 8’6’’)
Lenght with end walls folded 5,718 mm11,888 mm
Height 2,213 mm1,959 mm
Length between end headers5,920 mm12,054 mm
Length between corner posts5,634 mm11,652 mm
Width between corner posts2,224 mm2,227 mm
Width of floor2,208 mm2,374 mm
Width between side accessory pockets 2,158 mm

Door opening

20’FR (20’ x 8 x 8’6’’)40’FR (40’ x 8 x 8’6’’)
Width2,400 mm2,360 mm
Height2,584 mm2,580 mm


20’FR (20’ x 8 x 8’6’’)40’FR (40’ x 8 x 8’6’’)
Max Gross Weight34,000 kg34,000 kg
Average Tare2,750 kg5,100 kg
Maximum Payload31,250 kg39,980 / 44,900 kg

Security Rings

20’FR (20’ x 8 x 8’6’’)40’FR (40’ x 8 x 8’6’’)
Number per side1212