Innovative Equipment

Bamboo Floors

Traditionally container floors are made of wood sourced from endangered primary forests.

To help protect these resources, CMA CGM now uses bamboo floors for all new container orders. Better than a tree, bamboo grows as quickly as grass and can be cut after 4 to 7 years compared to 60 years for traditional tropical wood. The CMA CGM bamboo container fleet will exceed more than 180,000 TEU by the end 2013.

Light steel

In September 2008, the group began a new era with the introduction the first ‘Light Steel’ containers into its fleet. This new generation of containers is made from high tensile steel, saving 550 kg tare per High-Cube while retaining the structural qualities of the container.

On a ship of 10,000 TEU, the use of these containers can save 1-2 tonnes of fuel per day, which represents 3 -6 tonnes less of CO2 emissions.

Solvent free paint

Traditional paint solvents generate volatile organic compounds (C.O.V.) which have a negative carbon footprint and a significant impact on air pollution. CMA CGM was one of the first to integrate containers using solvent free paints into its fleet.

Low consumption reefers

In the reefer sector (requiring energy and refrigerant gases), the group uses the latest technological developments in order to benefit from the most environmentally friendly solutions in terms of energy consumption and the release of CO2.

In 2009, the Group invested in low consumption refrigerated containers. These containers, of which a further 2,000 will be delivered in January, helps reduce electricity and therefore fuel consumption by 3X, saving tens of tons of fuel per voyage.