Open Top Containers

Open Top Containers

Freight container similar in all respects to a general purpose container except that it has no rigid roof but may have a flexible and movable or removable cover. Such containers may have movable or removable top end transverse members above their end doors.

These containers are primarily used to carry heavy and/or bulky finished products, which handling and loading can only be performed with a crane or a rolling bridge. Tiltable half-height open top containers are specially designed to carry bulk minerals.

The CMA CGM 8’6’’ high open top containers are equipped with:

  • Removable roof bows and tarpaulin
  • Hinged doors (on both sides) and/or removable header above doors

Internal Dimensions

20’OT (20’ x 8 x 8’6’’)40’OT (40’ x 8 x 8’6’’)
Length5,898 mm12,032 mm
Width2,352 mm2,352 mm
Height2,348 mm2,348 mm

Door Opening

20’OT (20’ x 8 x 8’6’’)40’OT (40’ x 8 x 8’6’’)
Width2,340 mm2,340 mm
Height2,280 mm2,280 mm
Height under top-rail2,200 mm2,000 mm

Top Opening

20’OT (20’ x 8 x 8’6’’)40’OT (40’ x 8 x 8’6’’)
Lenght between end lintels5,682 mm11,806 mm
Width between gussets1,840 mm1,650 mm
Length between gussets5,397 mm11,531 mm
Width between roof rails2,250 mm2,232 mm
Width between removable lintel1,940 mm1,940 mm

Other dimensions

20’OT (20’ x 8 x 8’6’’)40’OT (40’ x 8 x 8’6’’)
Max Gross Weight30,480 kg30,480 kg
Average Tare2,200 kg3,880 kg
Maximum Payload28,280 kg26,600 kg
Capacity32 CU.M66 CU.M