Poland Service (UK, Poland)

Service Profile

Key Service Features

4 direct UK connections a week, door-to-door multimodal service between the UK and Poland.

Key Support Features

  • Modern, dedicated tonnage
  • 60 hours sea transit
  • Fixed-day schedule
  • Fixed weekly departures serving North & South Coasts of UK
  • Experienced and customer-orientated agents

Trade Routes

Loop 1 (3 vessels)

 GdyniaTues / Fri / Sun
 TeesportFri / Tues / Wed

Loop 2 (1 vessel)

 Gdynia Friday
 Tilbury Tuesday

Loop 3

 GdyniaTues / Fri / Sun
 DublinWed / Sat / Mon

With 4 departures from Poland per week and 2 departures from the UK, makes this the ultimate alternative choice to truck transport.

Greener and good transit times for your transportation needs. The multimodal transport service offers space for both temperature
controlled cargo and dry cargo.

MacAndrews works with many sectors including but not limited to Automotive, Beer, Wines & Spirits, Chemicals, FMCG, Forest Products,
Manufacturing, Metal, Minerals, Paper, Perishables and Frozen goods.

MacAndrews as part of the CMA CGM Group owns one of the largest and youngest fleets of Reefer and Ambient containers giving you
a peace of a mind, that your cargo is in safe hands.

Poland Route Schedule

Week No. 50     Monday 10th December, 2018
CMACGM GOYASB036401/1204/1207/1208/1211/12
JSP ROVERPO251409/1212/1215/12
JSP ROVERPO251515/1218/1220/12 call TBC23/12
CMACGM GOYASB036614/1217/1219/1221/1225/12
JSP ROVERPO251623/1227/1230/12
JSP ROVERPO251730/1203/0106/01
CMACGM GOYASB036827/1230/1202/0104/0107/01


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