8th August 2014


Dear Customer,

Ref; Russian Import Ban of Food Products

As you may likely be aware, the Russian Government on August 7th 2014 announced an import ban of certain food products originating from the E.U., U.S.A, and other western countries. With immediate effect we must request that all customers check and ensure that their commodities can be imported into Russia.

MacAndrews will continue to accept all cargo booked, fulfil all obligations but remind you that the “merchant” (as defined by the bill of lading terms) remains fully responsible for all associated costs, including but not limited to, return freight, plug-in and local ancillary charges.
Where cargo is rejected upon arrival and has to be re-exported elsewhere, the merchant will be asked to handle all local arrangements and cover all related costs. MacAndrews will assist wherever possible.

We are monitoring the situation very carefully, and remain at your disposal for any further enquiries.

 MacAndrews & Company Limited