Our new added value service: SERENITY. Going beyond the usual practices within the shipping industry,
SERENITY  is a new approach of container shipping, making it simple, seamless, and efficient. It’s about caring for your needs
beyond the shipping service.

All you need is… Serenity


Cargo value Serenity

Save time and money

Forget about the administrative formalities, the endless legal dispute with the carrier, the unpleasant discussion with your bank,
the negative commercial impacts.

Get started! Ask for cargo value serenity

When contacting your usual representative about a quotation or about a booking confirmation, ask him to add the
CARGO VALUE SERENITY according to the following rates:

  • 25 EUR/Ctr to secure your cargo value up to 12,500 Eur/Ctr
  • 49 EUR/Ctr to secure your cargo value up to 25,000 Eur/Ctr
  • 99 EUR/Ctr to secure your cargo value up to 50,000 Eur/Ctr
  • Personalised option


Containerships Serenity Brochure

Containerships Cargo Value Serenity Flyer

Terms and Conditions (English)

Terms and Conditions (French)