Containerships Sweden Manager, Urban Williamson.

Translated from Swedish. Source Sjofarts Tidningen

 On Friday, the ribbon was cut in Halmstad – the Swedish port is now part of Containerships’ new route.

With a high summer heat that would be common in June, July, August in the Golden Times city, they were invited to watch when the ship Vanquish was loaded with 45-foot containers.

– It is a historic moment, it is honorable to be here today. This is the first time we have a practical move from road to sea, thanks to the eco-union, said Lars Green from the Maritime Forum.

Fight against trucks

Behind the new route, Kattegatt Service stands Containerships, which in the autumn was bought by CMA CGM and which in early April was merged with MacAndrews. Urban Williamson is the Swedish shipping company.

– These are goods that would otherwise have gone on our roads and this is also the first project since the merger with MacAndrews. Now we take up the fight seriously against truck traffic.

Just as efficient 

Instead of driving the goods by truck to Stockholm and on to Helsinki, the cargo will now go to the waterway to Helsinki via Aarhus. On Monday, the goods reach Helsinki, which includes Biltema products.

– We have a total of 15 stores to supply with products from our warehouse in Halmstad. We start with this first shipment to a store, then I hope we can expand and supply all our 15 stores. The transport goes as fast on the water as in trucks but is currently slightly more expensive, but we can live with that when there is less emissions, ”says Johan Granholm, logistics manager at Biltema Logistics.