Cargo protection

MacAndrews a leader in Door to Door Multimodal Containerised Transport Suppliers dedicated to innovation, excellence and safety, offers a unique cargo protection programme.

Our in-house cargo protection product – available only to our customers – ensures complete peace of mind.
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We handle every shipment with the utmost care and attention, but of course there will always be risks associated with the transportation of goods. Sometimes there are factors out of our control that cannot be foreseen which can lead to goods being damaged or lost.

Our extensive experience of international logistics puts us in a unique position to be able to tailor a range of cargo protection products to suit any requirement. Plus, due to our high volumes, they come at competitive rates. Our in-house cargo protection specialists are able to offer match our flexible protection solutions to your requirements. In addition, if any damage or loss does occur, insuring via us means that the process of making a claim is much easier. Cargo Protections is handled by MacAndrews as part of our freight forwarding activities.
Download our Cargo Protection brochures  or get a quote.

All-Risks coverage: making things quick and simple for you

The All Risks coverage is based on ICC (A) conditions, the best known and most comprehensive cover in the world, and provides you with many advantages:

The best cover

  • From one-off shipments to regular traffic
  • Door to door coverage
  • No Excess / No deductible
  • Cover up to the full cost insurance and freight (CIF) value + 10%

The best price

  • The lowest rates negotiated with First class insurers
  • A price that isn’t influenced by your claims records

The best service

  • A One Stop Shop offer : freight+insurance
  • A Simple and Quick Process for claims and a payment within one month

Main Risks coverage: don’t let catastrophic events affect your business!

There are actually many instances for which a carrier is not liable: acts of God, force majeure, acts of War, perils of the seas…. In these cases, carrier has the right to legally refuse to compensate the loss or damages to your cargo.

This is why we offer you a coverage for the Main Risks so that you will be compensate no matter if the carrier is liable or not.

The coverage is based on ICC C conditions:

  • From one-off shipments to regular traffic
  • Door to door coverage available
  • No excess / No deductible
  • A very low price

Major events are:

  • Fire/Explosion
  • General Average contribution
  • Stranding, grounding
  • Capsizing, sinking
  • Overturn, derailment
  • Collision
  • Discharge of cargo at port of distress
  • Jettison
  • Legal costs

Container Guarantee: avoid expenses when damaging our containers

Forget about the extra expenses that we could claim against you in case our containers were damaged when they were under your responsibility.

We cover all accidental damages to the container while under your care custody and control.

  • Breakage, theft, pilferage, fire, explosion, collision …
  • Exceptional Cleaning costs

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