Temperature Controlled Cargo (Reefer)

A large variety of goods require a specific atmosphere, temperature or humidity level. For this type of sensitive cargo requiring Reefer transportation, the slightest detail can make all the difference. This is why MacAndrews relies on a strong and diversified Reefer container fleet, its various assets as a leading worldwide shipping group and its numerous Reefer experts to exceed customers’ expectations.

MacAndrews pioneered this novel project in Spain along with two strategic partners: Continental Rail and Grupo Fuentes. This new venture involved investment in a modern system of on-board generators on trains to supply the power needed to operate the reefer boxes, along with a monitoring system, guaranteeing the cold chain reliability. This new structure will also further shorten transit times and lessen CO2 emissions.

MacAndrews currently operates an average of 51 Block Trains from Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Seville and Zaragoza & Burgos through Bilbao for dry goods almost daily. In Scandinvia, MacAndrews has mirrored this block train concept for dry goods by operating rail links from Helsingborg Port, connecting hinterlands of Göthenburg, Stockholm, Oslo, Gävle , Nörrköping, Uddevalla, Västerås and Hallsberg enabling better transit times with a greener differential.

The Reefer brochure can be accessed here.