Happy World Maritime Day !

The Maritime day is celebrated by the IMPO (International Maritime Organisation) every year. The theme of this year is   “Connecting ships, ports and people”.

The aim is to focus on the many diverse actors involved in the shipping and logistics industries. This year the IMO is also taking the opportunity to raise awareness of the relevance of the role of IMO as the global regulatory body for international shipping.

To celebrate this new edition and to learn more about the IMO, we wanted to share some facts about this special day:

  1. Every year around the end of the month of September, the IMO organises and celebrates the World Maritime Day
  2. This organisation is an unofficial United Nations day of observance in recognition of the important role international shipping has on the global economy.
  3. The first celebration of the World Maritime Day by IMO was held in 1978
  4. IMO’s underlying belief is that training and education are very important for seafarers to put into practice what is required of them.
  5. IMO World Maritime Day themes for the last 5 years were:

2012: One hundred years after the Titanic

2013: Sustainable Development

2014: IMO Conventions – Effective Implementations

2015: Maritime education and training

2016: Day of the seaferer

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