Calculate Your CO2

Compare your road transport Co2 emissions vs. the MacAndrews Multimodal Way

Calculate your emissions with MacAndrews Eco Calculator

See for yourself just how much greener you can be with MacAndrews multimodal transport.

This tool lets you enter a start point and end point, along with a container tonnage. It then works out the routes and carbon usages for short sea versus traditional haulage so that you can see the figures side by side. The first step is to let us know the point you’re starting from as well as the container weight.


Our Eco Calculator will help you:-

  • Map carbon dioxide emissions for all MacAndrews modes of transportation, from shortsea transport, to barge, trucking and rail transport legs.
  • Map your carbon footprint for MacAndrews corridors throughout Europe, door-to-door.
  • Compare your carbon footprint when choosing a multimodal transport solution to an alternative road solution.
  • compile CO2 data for your environmental reporting and identification of “carbon hotspots” in your transportation supply chain