If you are requiring the service of MacAndrews to complete the VGM on your behalf then please note there will be a change to the current tariff.   From the 1st May 2017 onwards the VGM charge will be £25.00 for all UK ports.  This charge will be applied to any containers on quay after the 1st May.

Port of Exit MacAndrews VGM ServiceTotal Costs if no VGM supplied by Shipper Total Costs with VGM but out of tolerance %

If you wish to weigh your own containers then please keep in mind MacAndrews published cut off times and dates for receipt of your declaration. If your ‘VGM’ is received after this cut-off then your container may not be shipped. In addition, interpretation of the rules may vary between each signatory state, any cost incurred by MacAndrews as a result of non-compliance will be for the shipper’s account.

To view the most up to date VGM list of charges for all ports please view our VGM SOLAS Section.

View Full List of VGM Charges effective 1st of May 2017